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Toyo Tires Expands Sizes of Two Commercial Truck Products
The Toyo M920 All-Season Drive Traction Tire and the Toyo M149 Super Single
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These added sizes will expand the applications that will benefit from longer tread life and better retreadability.

CYPRESS, CA—Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. (Toyo Tires®) announces a size expansion for two of its commercial tire products, the Toyo M920 drive tire, and the Toyo M149 Super Single.  Both tires are part of the extensive M-Line of commercial tire products from Toyo Tires.

The premium M920 drive traction tire is ideal for trucks that require all-season capabilities to deliver loads in any weather condition in regional or long-haul applications.  It has wide, staggered tread blocks for improved traction and performance while additional features assist in excellent wet performance, longer tire life and reduced irregular wear.  Its two wide circumferential grooves are designed to shed water during wet conditions.  New sizes added to the M920 lineup include a 315/80R22.5 with a Load Index of L, also an 11R24.5 and a 285/75R24.5.  The total M920 size range now includes:

   Size                          Load/Speed         Ply Rating       Load Range

225/70R19.5               128/126N                    14                    G                       

245/70R19.5               133/131N                    14                    G                       

11R22.5                      144/142L                     14                    G                       

11R22.5                      146/143L                     16                    H                       

295/75R22.5               144/141L                     14                    G                       

315/80R22.5               157/154L                     20                    L                       

11R24.5                      149/146L                     16                    H                       

285/75R24.5               144/141L                     14                    G                       

The company has also added a new size to its Toyo M149, an all-position super single tire designed to deliver superior wear performance in tough operations, ranging from urban front axles to long-haul trailers. Optimized construction and tread design deliver high uniformity, even wear, and excellent wet traction.

In addition to a 385/65R22.5 size, the M149 is now also available in a larger 425/65R22.5 size tire.  Both sizes feature rugged 20-ply load ratings.

“The M920 and M149 have delivered great performance and a lower cost per mile for our commercial customers,” said Mike Graber, Senior Product Manager, commercial truck tires Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. “These added sizes will expand the applications that will benefit from longer tread life and better retreadability.”

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Toyo Tires Expands Sizes of Two Commercial Truck Products
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